A Different Perspective: How burning through money can affect you

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  1. So basically you are what you support. if I said I wanted to take a round trip to China to learn how to oppress people, and I operated an american business then of course naturally I would take my proceeds that i earned from that business to pursue that end goal. essentially my customers and supporters would be in alignment with the oppression of people; if they knew that were my ideals. if they didn’t know then the supporters would be fueling their own oppression without consent or knowledge. the key here is knowledge and consent. the rules of karma say what goes around comes around. financing evil ends can never be a good thing and ingorance of facts and reality is not a good way to try and avoid the laws of equal and opposite reaction. in short, if you finance someones destruction someone will finance your destruction. we get bad karma from who we support. for instance if you spend your money on mickey D’s food and they finance research to learn how to turn their customers into mcjunkies and if you’re a customer you are included in the mcjunkie equation so you start to develop lots of health problems because now they serve mickeys everyday where you work at now you gotta support the doctor who cares for you health after all the unhealthy eating. the good ole referral game. some people are under the impression that it is easy to pull this type of devious action off. its not, because these plans have to be carried out in secret which seem easy until you realize that to get supporters the plans must be public. this is why knowledge is important. the root word in communist is comm which makes up the word communism. the communist communicate in such a way as to only alert fellow communist. they could be talking right to you and you never comprehend what they’re really saying unless you know the language. Symbols! hand gestures, code words and a host of other body language signals, alerts fellow gang members to the presence of another family member. in other words they know the secret they have and you don’t, all in your face, in the doc office, fast food restaurants, all on TV, in movies and video games and on the internet. the commies are everywhere. its a regular part of our society and trying to remove them now is like taking away the main part. we deserve it because we, (those before us and us) for not taking the initiative to fix it allowed it to happen. by choosing not what was most important but by ignoring the relevant to finance someone else’s relevant, we have helped to continue the traditions of communism. they probably won’t take over but by time they are finish everything it encounters will be totally destroyed because of them. they are effective because they know how to make people blindly support them, and instead of people denouncing such activities they try to portray such actors and then becomes infected with the diseases known as evil. people in this society is very good at offering you a lot but then can sell you nothing and the unwitting members of this population fall for the tricks thus fueling a scam society. the point of this article is to bring light to the fact that most of the big name companies we spend our money with have wicked desires against the very people spending money to support these assholes who don’t have our best interest at all. be careful who you finance because they will give you the illusion of value but then stab you in the back with that same bs they sold you. spend your money with people who intends to give back in a major way to help people in need and your life won’t have you producing so much negativity that’s going to come back around to you twenty fold in another form anyway.

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